Zimba Mission Hospital

The purpose of Zimba Mission Hospital is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and demonstrate the love of Christ through Christians working in the ministry of medicine.

History of the Hospital

Zimba Mission Hospital (ZMH) is located in Zambia, Africa. It was founded in 1960. It was started as a clinic but upgraded to a hospital a few years later. Rev. Clarence and Rev. Roberta Keith started the pioneer medical work in Zimba. For the past 50 years, thousands of patients have received physical and spiritual healing at ZMH.


The medical ministry is supported by Global Partners which is the missions department of The Wesleyan Church. The headquarters for Global Partners is located in Fishers, Indiana (USA). The Wesleyan Church in Zambia is called the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church of Zambia (PWCZ). PWCZ has a medical board of directors which helps to provide administration for its medical ministries. The national church office for PWCZ is located in Lusaka.

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ZMH is a member institution of the Church Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ). Most mission hospitals in Zambia are members of CHAZ. The Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) is a cooperating partner through the Ministry of Health (MOH). CHAZ and GRZ have a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to provide assistance to mission hospitals like ZMH.


Zimba, Zambia on Google Maps

ZMH is located in the town of Zimba in the Southern Province of Zambia. Zimba is situated along the main road from Livingstone to Lusaka. It is 50 miles northeast of Livingstone and 250 miles southwest of Lusaka. The population for the town of Zimba is 11,000. ZMH has the only operating room in the area for 3 health districts. The catchment population for surgical and obstetric patients is 330,000.

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Facilities & Services

ZMH has 132 inpatient beds. There are 6 inpatient wards including adult male, adult female, pediatrics, maternity, male TB, and female TB. The average daily inpatient census is 50. The maternity ward has an average of 120 deliveries per month. There is a surgery department. Elective cases are scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays. An average of 50 major and minor surgeries is performed each month. The outpatient department (OPD) sees an average of 150 patients per day. In addition to the general Outpatient Clinic, there are HIV, TB, dental, maternal child health and eye departments at the OPD.

There are also radiology and laboratory departments at ZMH. X-ray and ultrasound are available. The diagnostic tests offered at the lab include HIV rapid tests, sputum smears for TB, malaria smears, CD4 counts, complete blood counts, and liver/kidney function tests. Zambian nationals are employed at the hospital. Their salaries are provided by GRZ. The 50 staff members who have graduated from a training school are employed as civil servants. The other 35 staff members who provide support functions are employed as classified daily employees.

There is an active chaplain program at ZMH. In the morning, daily chapel services in the local language of Chitonga are provided for patients and their family members. There is a Chitonga Bible distribution program. On weekends, the JESUS film in Chitonga is shown in the patient wards. A new chapel building was constructed in 2011.