This update video documents all of the supporting churches in the USA that help to sponsor the medical ministry at Zimba Mission Hospital.

Dan Jones’ Lecture to Kansas University Medical Students

This lecture is geared towards medical students and volunteer medical professionals so they can have a better idea of what type of cases they might encounter during an elective rotation at Zimba Mission Hospital.


This update video promotes the vision for the medical ministry at Zimba Mission Hospital.

Watumbuka – Giving Birth in Zambia 2011

This special video demonstrates some of the challenges that Zambian women face when trying to access emergency obstetric care.

International Vision Volunteers 2011

This special video highlights the amazing medical work being done by the visiting eye doctors at the Zimba Eye Hospital.

Bethany Sichilalu – A Girl Living in the Village of Zambia 2011

This special video provides perspective on what life is like for a Zambian child growing up in a rural village.


This annual update video highlights the work being done in the various hospital departments by the hospital staff.