Volunteer Doctors

HPCZ Requirements & Registration Form

HPCZ Requirements


Documents Needed for HPCZ Temporary Registration Application

  1. Have all copies of documents notarized. This includes your curriculum vitae (CV).
  2. Send the documents to us along with a copy. Keep a copy for yourself.
  3. If you have volunteered in Zambia before, please include a copy for your previous HPCZ registration certificate.
  4. For type of registration requested write down limited registration.
  5. For profession of applicant write down medical practitioner.
  6. The address of the prospective employer is Zimba Mission Hospital P.O. Box 610050 Zimba.
  7. Original Letter of Good Standing from your state licensing board (has to be issued within the past three months)
  8. Copy of Medical School Degree (must be translated into English if it is in a different language)
  9. Copy of Current State Medical License
  10. Copy of all board certificates
  11. Copy of all residency/fellowship certificates
  12. Curriculum vitae (CV) or résumé
  13. Original reference letters from two professional colleagues at your most recent health care facility
  14. Two passport size photos with one’s signature on the back of the photo (as it appears on your passport) as well as the following notarized statement: “This is a true likeness of (your name).” Although the space is limited, everything mentioned must appear on the back of the photo. You must be wearing a shirt with a collar in your photo. The background of the photo must be white.

Mailing address

Send by FedEx or DHL to:

National Church Office
Pilgrim Wesleyan Church
Attn: Sandra Shankwaya (phone number – 0979274469)
Attn: Dr. Dan Jones (phone number – 0971576251)
90 Corner of Makishi and Broads
Lusaka, Zambia AFRICA